"impulse" for violin, cello and piano

"Memories in Sand" for orchestra/string quintet (transcription)

"Abrasions" for cello quartet

Program Notes: “Abrasions,” was commissioned by Jon Deak and Eric Bartlett for Cello-fest 2014. Mr. Bartlett had performed the featured cello solo in my orchestral composition “Memories in Sand” which was premiered by the New York Philharmonic, and was very kind in commissioning this composition. Although I do not not play the cello, it is my favorite instrument and I enjoyed being able to explore different textures and tensions, which arise when allowing the instruments to exist within the same range. The piece begins relatively low in pitch and progressively gets higher throughout the three movements. This piece was written with a scordatura in two of the four cellos. A scordatura is the detuning of a stringed instrument, which in this case, occurs through only a portion of the composition. To account for this, two of the four cellists will be performing on two cellos each, both with different tunings to expand the sound world of the composition.

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